General Information
Foxmoor Animal Hospital continues to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and recognizes the many concerns related to the virus that our customers have. Per Governor Murphy, veterinarians are classified as essential personnel and we will continue to remain open to serve the pets in our community.
What Services Are Available Now
As of today, all services are available. This is subject to change if local and/or state health orders change. We will update our clients if any changes are made. If there are changes this page will also be updated.
What are Foxmoor's hours during this time?
We have updated our hours to 9-4 Monday-Friday until further notice.
What is a Curbside-Service Appointment?
We are asking clients to remain in their cars to reduce the risk of exposure during this crisis. Please schedule an appointment as usual by calling or emailing a client care specialist. When you arrive for your appointment, please remain in your car and give us a call from the parking lot to let us know you have arrived. You will then be asked to bring your pet to the front door where one of our technician's will bring your pet into the hospital for it's examination. The veterinarian will call you with their findings and will develop a plan of action together with you. At the conclusion of your appointment, a client care specialist will call you for payment and a team member will return your pet to your car. Please remain in our parking lot for the entirety of your pet’s appointment unless directed otherwise.
My Pet Needs Food or Medication
If your pet needs food or a refill of a medication, please call our client care specialists and they will get it ready for you. When you arrive to pick up your pets food or medication, please call us from the parking lot and pay over the phone. We will place your items in a container outside our door for you to pickup.
What is a drop off Appointment
For special circumstances we are allowing some pets to be dropped off with prior approval to be worked into our schedule once a doctor is available. With a drop off appointment, your pet will stay with us for a few hours.
Questions or Concerns?
If you have questions or concerns regarding our new protocols, please reach out to us via phone or email. We are still here for you and your pets during this COVID-19 crisis.